Every application has state. In this short post I will explain how application state causes usability issue.

One of the greatest challenge of every tester is to manage its time. In order to manage time, we use calendar. Either old style wall calendar that can be flipped in order to browse it, or cloud based application such as Google Calendar. Sometimes I use OS X Calendar application. And I am not satisfied with its features.

In BBST foundation, in chapter on Oracle’s, I learned that tester could create model of application under test. Application state is important building block of such model. I noticed that OS X Calendar application has states which downgrades its usability. When I browse through the calendar (e.g. I want to see next month) and the I exit Calendar application in that month, when I open again application, it shows that month, instead of current date. This feature was the reason of many mistakes that I made related to date input. For example, once I created invoice with wrong date which caused a lot of headache to my bookkeeper.

This is issue because (HICCUPPS):

It is inconsistent with comparable product. Google Calendar does not have that feature.
It is inconsistent with user desires.
It is inconsistent with purpose. Calendar should always show current date.