Julian, Oradian COO, presents Oradian


On last Thursday we met at Oradian who hosted the meet up. Julian presented Oradian, their way of working, business case, and got opportunity to meet testers from Zagreb area. Nine people were present.

We started with Oradian 10 minute presentation. Their business are microfinancing services which they offer in cloud for underdevelopment countries. Their are in position to drive clients business process because in those countries this is in early phase.

Their software develops in 4 weeks sprints and key word is constant change! Team consist of devops, developers and QA team.

After official part, we continued with our usual introduction of every tester and what interesting issue they have found in previous week. And then magic happened. Those introductions generated very interesting discussion: load testing, QA team in 4 week sprints, regression testing, selenium, cloud system monitoring, finding the root cause of “slow” transaction, vim. Two and half hours of lively discussions. I am very satisfied with this meetup. My takeaway are vim tips and tricks that I have not been aware off.

Important thing is that Oradian is hiring, here is their job listing. Job description is just orientational. If you think that you are up for some of the positions, feel free to contact Julian over linkedin and mentioning that you heard about job listing over Zagreb STC.