If you are in the Palo Alto, California area, or know someone that is, and you think you meet the criteria of what’s listed below, Socialtext is hiring, and I would love to talk to you.

A few things to get out of the way first:

1. This is a local position, meaning you have to be at least local to the Bay Area, and able to come into the office on a regular basis (working from home a day or two a week is not a big deal, but remote workers are not being considered at this time. I will certainly update this if that stance changes).

2. I often rail about software testing jobs being advertised, but toolsmiths are what is desired. In this case, while programming ability is an absolutely nice thing to have, and we are certainly looking for some help to beef up our automation capabilities, it is not a show-stopper if you are not a master programmer for this position. This is a job that really requires a software tester’s mindset.

Job Details

Title: Senior Quality Engineer
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Position Type: Full-Time Regular
Experience: 5 years (or thereabouts)
Education: Bachelors Degree
Travel Required: No

Job Description 

Working on PeopleFluent’s Socialtext, you will solve challenging problems in the social and collaborative software space. You will work closely with development and product management in an Agile development shop. You are as comfortable helping to define functional requirements as you are ensuring that they are met. You typically translate two or three functional requirements into automated tests before breakfast. You love helping teammates solve both the hard and easy problems and are happy to pair when needed. You know your way around localization testing. 508 does not faze you. X-browser testing is good for your soul. You come at stories sideways, it’s how you think: hit them where they are weak. You care about customers and take bugs that make it out into the wild personally. You keep an eye on new testing techniques and technologies and know when to adapt them and when to keep with the current process and can defend your position. You abhor run on sentences. You don’t believe in walls between QA and Dev, but you do have a little us versus them in you. You like working in a small team where your voice matters and not everything is planned out. You are one of us.

(Yes, I had a hand in writing this 😉 ).

Job Requirements 

*5+ years experience with quality assurance testing
* Good understanding of the QA and Automation process.
* Proficient at writing, executing and validating test cases and the ability to pass that knowledge to other, more junior, team members.
* Proficient at writing clear and concise defects and the ability to pass that knowledge to other, more junior, team members.
* Able to accurately estimate task duration and meet schedules.
* Excellent communication skills.
* Experience testing Web based products across browsers is required, including what makes IE unique
* Knowledge of automation (Selenium)
* Experience with Linux.
* Ability to provide leadership in product testing, including setting testing direction for a particular project and the mentoring and leading of less senior Quality Engineers
* Ability to function and lead in a team environment

In short, if you think this fits you, or you know someone you think fits this description, please contact me directly, as we have a much better chance of placing people we directly refer than those who submit cold. I think we’re a pretty cool group at Socialtext. If you’d like to join us, let me know :).