In this post I will give an example for wrong design issue of export/import feature with the advocacy why is this an issue.

In order to prepare test data for performance test, I created test data using web application on test environment. This environment was used to check does performance grinder script works as expected. As web application had export/import feature, my plan was to export test data from test environment, and import them to production environment. My heuristic was that export/import feature was implemented as inverse function [wikipedia source].

But that heuristic failed. I needed to edit exported files in order to be able to import data back again in the application using import feature. Using HICCUPPS [Bolton as source] consistency analysis, this is an issue because:

  • comparable product (like blogger) use export/import feature in that way
  • reasonable user would expect that import/export feature is inverse action
  • this is export/import first purpose
So, If you find that export/import feature is not inverse function, you should raise that as an issue using HICCUPPS analysis as advocacy for this bug.