To provide a snapshot of time

It’s been over two years since my first blog post and I love the fact I can see a snapshot of my opinions, what I cared about and my thought processes two years ago.

I quickly flicked through some of my early blog posts.

There are a few posts regarding ISTQB, something which I highly valued at the very start of my software testing career. Now, I highly regard the BBST Foundations course  and am a very strong advocate of it.

As stated in the About Me page, “I don’t doubt my opinions on testing will develop and change” – keeping a blog is a great way of keeping track on how my opinions change 🙂

To clarify my thoughts

In high school my worst subject was English. Other than the fact I didn’t like writing lengthy essays about poems, which were five lines long – I struggled to organise my ideas into coherent thoughts.

Not a lot has changed since high school.

I still need to put in a conscious effort to organise my thoughts and articulate them clearly when I write. Ideas which have structure is something that I am constantly striving for.

This blog is an attempt to do this.

To share knowledge

While I don’t consider myself an expert in the field – I do think I have some interesting experiences to share.

When writing my posts, I make an effort to make them useful.

For example: 

  • I wanted my 3 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills post to be easy to understand, and to contain some tips that people could actually apply (and not just think – oh that’s a nice idea, but not do anything with it)
  • When writing my BBST Foundations: Is it for me? post, I wanted it to contain enough (and the correct) information so that people could gage what benefits they would reap by taking this software testing course.