In this post I will map instructions how to report selenium webdriver issue to RIMGEA acronym. Those instructions should be used in your project.

Selenium webdriver, also known as Selenium 2.0, introduced webdriver API that made driving a browser natively locally or remotely more transparent. As I was using selenium behind clients corporate firewall, I thought that I found an webdriver issue. As I finished AST Bug Advocacy  course, I used knowledge and craft learned and gained at that course to report an issue.

Selenium project has rules how to report an webdriver issue. In that way, they get better community bug reports. By following those instructions, we are using A from RIMGEA acronym, and that stands for Articulate. Bug report will be articulated by following those instructions.

In order to be sure that this is really webdriver issue, user should first search project frequently asked questions. This is to filter out wrong webdriver usage and configuration issues.

You need to describe the issue as accurate as possible by answering following questions:

  • What is the problem? By describing the problem, you are Articulating your bug report.
  •  Does it happen every time you run the test? If not, how frequently? Are you able to Replicate the issue?
  • Are others on your team experiencing the problem? This information will make your report more General.
  • A link to a github gist of any interesting stack traces. This will help to Replicate the issue. By why github gist? Gist is a simple way to share snippets and pastes with others. All gists are Git repositories, so they are automatically versioned, forkable and usable from Git. Using gists for exception stack trace will make you report more readable (Articulated).
  • Are you able to reproduce the failure on other browsers? This will make report more General.
  • Do you have other changes in your code that might be affecting this test? This will help you to Isolate the issue.
  • Which OS, browser and version of the browser are you using? This is vital. This information makes your report more General.
  • Ideally, a minimal test case against a public site we can run. Here are some templates you can use to create a test case: Ruby. Isolate your replication steps.
  • How to run the test (if there’s any special set up needed). Replicate information.
  • It is also very helpful if you can create a reduced test case. Isolate steps important for the issue.

If you think that bug reporting process in your company or project is not satisfactory, I suggest that you start with selenium webdriver template and tailor it to your project needs.