Various folk have made their slides available or written blogs since MEWT 3. We’ll add more to this post as they become available:

Neil Studd

Dorothy Graham

  • Talk: Criticism and Communication
  • Slides: Download here.

Dan Billing

Duncan Nisbet

Duncan spoke about the aftermath of having presented the linked slides at an internal BBC conference. The linked slides are therefore NOT representative of his MEWT presentation, but were used in support.

  • Talk: Failing to Communicate a Communication Model
  • Supporting Slides: Download here, Slideshare here.

Adam Knight

  • Talk: Testing, Support and Documentation – Lessons Learned from a Combined Role
  • Slides: Slideshare here.
  • Related Blog: A Cultural Fit

Raji Bhamidipati

  • Talk: Effective Communication in Remote Teams
  • Slides: Download here.