Inspired by Erik Brickarp’s Skill Development List, I decided to create my own for 2014. I decided to keep up the tradition and created a list for 2015 as well. Having learned a few lessons, this time the list will be different.

Keywords for 2015: focus and skills


  • blog posts: taking the new job by the balls; retrospectives; BBST; sketchnoting
  • testing: focused practice sessions with the goal of being able to explain skills, heuristics and oracles used
  • programming: working through Learn Python the Hard Way
  • life: more yoga and meditation, less wasting of time; figuring out what I really want to do; daily journaling; getting a good routine in place
  • learning: PSL; creating a new workshop; asking for coaching/challenges; BBST Test Design course
  • work: find opportunities for growth, make sure I keep learning new things
  • community: find something new to bring to the table


  • Transpection Tuesdays