Core moto of MaMa: free software

Yesterday we gathered for our regular Zagreb STC meetup, #19 at MaMa. This time we discovered the power of meetup platform. Apparently, is huge in Israel, so Shahar contacted us that he would like to atend it. He was one of the speakers at SEE Cloud computing forum 2015, and he checked on what is happening that evening in Zagreb.

We started with usual brief introductions. We found out interesting details about, Israeli startup recently bought by Google. Waze is a community driven navigation system. It is not huge in Croatia, but in Israel is a huge success.

As our context was Cloud, we got introduction in docker. Docker helps you to create and manage containers. For example, one container could be Postgres database, installed, configured and ready for use.

Current hot issue in Cloud computing is how to test configurations for those containers. For example, chef, another tool for managing containers, use recipes in ruby language that describe how to install and configure container image. Recipe is ruby script. How would you automatically check that script still works after container image changes (because of security and system patches)?

Another problem is how to test elasticity. This is important feature of modern cloud infrastructure, to automatically resize (in both directions, up and down) along with system load.

Shafar business is consulting clients how to optimally use Amazon cloud infrastructure. It have never occurred to me that this could be business. This was important aha moment for me at this meet up.

After the officially part, we continued our discussion over drinks and food in near by Medvedgrad pub.