Something’s in the air, I think. Maybe it’s a new year of possibilities, maybe it’s the nature of technical advancement and growth that happens each year, but there seems to be a groundswell in opportunities for programmers, testers and DIYers to learn new stuff all the time, often very close to free, and in many cases, just plain outright for free.

Packt Publishing recently did this with their 24 gifts for Christmas, in which they offered ebooks for free each day for a limited time, and they are back at it again with their “FREE LEARNING – HELP YOURSELF!” initiative, and again, available for a limited time.

“Packt is here to help you develop, and that’s why we’re offering you and other IT professionals 18 days of Free Learning — from today (February 16, 2015) until March 5, 2015, you can claim a free eBook every day here.

Each eBook will only be available for free for 24 hours, so make sure you come back every day to grab your Free Learning fix! We’ll be featuring a diverse range of titles from our extensive library, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to develop some new skills and try out new tech.

Happy learning!

The Packt Team”
Starting today, they are offering a title related to developing in Drupal. Not something you’re currently interested in? That’s OK, check back tomorrow; there may be something else that will be interesting.
As Packt Publishing and a number of other vendors have been super helpful to give me free materials throughout the past five years, and in a sense, contribute greatly to the overall content of the TESTHEAD blog, I’m happy to help spread the word for these promotions when they provide them, so if you want to take advantage of them, check in each day over at Packt and see if they have something interesting for you. I certainly will be!