The first time I wrote a couple of lines of code was in 2002, it was VB and it was an app that played back the Beatles catalogue. You would click a song title and sometimes, if you were lucky, it would play some music. For the most part though, what happened is that my little app would sit there waiting for my Pentium 133Mhz computer as it tried to render a massive WAV file (because I wasn’t smart and didn’t use MP3s, even if the rest of the world already did) and eventually hang. I think I got it to play Hey Jude once, but that’s probably just a mind trick I’m playing on myself.

What’s funny is that in the context of what some consider as “testing”, I tested that app front and back. But I didn’t really. And it never released.

Which is a good thing because a) I would get super-sued if b) someone would ever even consider using an app that used unencoded WAV files.

Here’s Hey Jude. Ironically, also the first song I learned to play on the piano.