You probably heard about HICCUPPS mnemonic in context of software testing. If not, you can do your homework by reading Michael’s original article [here]. In this post I will describe how I applied HICCUPPS in my current testing project.

In this project I have to test api. Api is based on functionality of comparable product, but it is provided using different technology stack (REST). Api that I am testing also extends api from comparable product.

In my test strategy I used results from comparable api product in order to check results of api that I am testing. I used same test data set for both api calls. Then I had to test new functionality of api under test. What should I use for comparable product that will also allow me to use same test data set?

I analyzed functionality of new features and realized that they are based on basic feature set. Which means that I was able to use original feature set as a comparable product for extended features.

In HICCUPPS mnemonic, I used one C comparable product (We expect the system to be consistent with systems that are in some way comparable.) and one P, Product (We expect each element of the system (or product) to be consistent with comparable elements in the same system).

Realizing that, I was excited as I was excited when I successfully run my first program written in C language!