I sometimes wonder whether people who sell testing as their business actually test their own websites or not? When you find a bug on a testing website, that becomes a reason of joy. Below is one from UTest. Apparently none of their 150,000 members ever bothered to report this, either because they did not face it or because these kind of bugs do not result into any remuneration. Or if someone did report, no action was taken as it doesn’t affect revenue generation.

Here’s how to replicate it:
I tried it on more than one system, so details include both. 
OS: Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 64-bit
Browsers: Google Chrome v39 and IE9

After signing in to utest, I clicked on my user name at the upper right hand side. This took me to my activity page. On this page, one of the menu items is ‘Log into utest platform’. Clicking on this menu item, it logged me in to the platform’s dashboard page. It is shown in the screen capture below. 

When I clicked on “Issues”, I see the following error: 

Now, this is a bug because 1) as a user it annoyed me and 2) it did not let me do what I was intending to do with this product. So this error greatly negatively affected the value of this product.

I was enjoying testing it because it was allowing me to work on my testing and bug hunting skills. You can see that it was an SQL error.

There are other bugs too. I am brushing up my exploratory testing skills, so I hope to come back with more. Stay tuned!