In this post I will try to explain one user experience issue.

By reading my daily rss feed of testing blogs, I found out about this great Prezi presentation, Everything is connected – exploring diversity, innovation, leadership by Zeger Van Hese. I clicked on link and was redirected to Prezi. Zeger is known for his great notebook notes and he has specific design style and flow (that I have never seen before) for his presentations.

I followed presentation link and started going through presentation slides using web interface navigation buttons. By observing web interface options, I concluded that I was not logged in to Prezi (there was log in option). After I went through the number of slides, I decided to like this presentation using Like option. I clicked on it, and I was redirected to login form. When I hit back browser button, I was at the first presentation slide.

UX issue is that I lost time in order to get to position where I was when I hit like button.

Prezi is web application which means that it uses HTTP protocol. From this example it is clear that HTTP protocol is stateless. Using cookies for user state was not possible, because I was not logged in. This issue could be resolved by implementing tracking of user session state using Javascript code.

This post is example how tester, using skill of knowing how HTTP protocol works, raised an UX issue without any use of testing automation.