Welcome to MaMa

 Last Friday, we had Zagreb STC #17, at MaMa, place that is always pleased to host meet ups from Zagreb area. Zeljko already wrote a few words about the meetup. I was happy to see that more that 10 people gathered.

We had three talks:

Zeljko explained Rubik’s Cube, that there are several algorithms how to solve it. He demonstrated his skill, he assembled it in just above 2 minutes time.

Zagreb STC library

Boris explained his dive in browser automatization using watir-webdriver. Great material for beginners, because he presented obstacles and how he resolved them. For example, Chrome developer tools interfered his ability to access DOM of page that he was testing.

Official announcement at MaMa’s door

I talked about AST new initiative, WHOSE. This will be a skills book with a sampling of skills grounded in context. I showed it on example of combinatorial explosion, explained by Pete Walen.

In the end, Zeljko presented ideas about ViaQa software testing conference. This year we did not organized it (we helped hosting CITCON Zagreb 2014). Audience reaction was positive, so we will have it in 2015.

Dear fellow testers, I wish you all the best in upcoming new year!