A couple of months ago, I agreed to come on as part of the team that writes an IT blog over at IT Knowledge Exchange called “Uncharted Waters“. This blog was started by Matt Heusser a couple of years ago, and Matt invited Justin Rohrman and myself to write articles for the blog as well.

Since September, I have contributed a few pieces to the blog, and so far the reaction has been quite positive.

What did I not do? I didn’t tell anyone HERE that I was writing them (well, outside of my little Twitter feed that appears in the corner of my blog). Needless to say, I am not doing well in the sphere of self promotion, but I aim to change that going forward.

For obvious reasons, I want to encourage people to read them. If you read them, and enjoy them, and comment on them and share them with others, that gives IT Knowledge Exchange, and other outlets, reasons to have me write more articles for them. It also gives me a chance to do more research, learn about different things, and develop ideas that I hope can benefit all of us.

So to that end, here are a few links to recent entries.

Twenty Years, Seven Companies, Nine Different Styles of Testing

Your First 30 Days in the New Gig (and if You’re on the Old Gig, They Begin TODAY)

Create Your Own Career Trajectory

Using Collaborative Tools To Improve Software Work

The Art of “Making Time”

My View of the Future: Mixed, but Guardedly Optimistic

These articles have been interesting opportunities for me to go into areas I don’t normally talk about, and share my message with people who may not otherwise read it here. I would also like to encourage my regular readers to check out these articles as I write them, and perhaps add Uncharted Waters as a regular part of your daily or weekly read (Matt and Justin publish some great stuff). It’s been a pleasure to get into the groove of this initiative with them, and I look forward to future entries, both there and here.