When I started my company, I automatically become “power user” of my Bank Internet services.
My bank provides three types of Internet services:

New SBnet token generator

  • SBnet retil
  • SBnet business clients
  • SmartOffice business clients 

I am currently using both SBnet (private account) and SmartOffice (company account) applications.
For clients it is important that SBnet uses different token generator than SmartOffice application. New SBnet token generator user experience is much lower than SmartOffice token generator because pressing those buttons is really hard.

Point of this story is that this summer I was requested to switch old token generator, but email did not stated for which service, SBNet or SmartOffice. I was hoping that bank employee will have that information. He took my both token generators, and gave me two new one (from the SBnet picture). He also mentioned how that new token generator is much better than the old one 🙂

I tried to check them by logging in my SBnet and SmartOffice, but I was not able to log in to SmartOffice. After call to help desk, I realized that only SBnet old token card should be changed. The bank clerk employee did what it was not supposed to do.

SmartOffice token generator
Old TAN card. www.splitskabanka.hr

Risk was that I was not able to do any transactions on my company account (using SmartOffice, and that was paycheck day, and you do not want to late for one day with your paycheck in Croatia).
Point of this story:

  • my bank definitely has complicated business processes
  • nobody informed bank employees about scenario for changing old TAN cards.
  • issue did not involve software, but people and processes