Today I just started my new role at Vend – I signed my contract a few months ago and flippin heck could hardly believe the day was here!

For the past few months I’ve been rather quiet as I left Assurity in the beginning of July, then I spent 5 weeks travelling Nicaragua and the USA. With that said, I didn’t really have a whole lot to say in my blog and I didn’t fancy typing out blog posts on an iPad – hence the quiet.

Anywho, I’m now at Vend and I’m excited. Today, I was surrounded by people who were passionate  freakin enthusiastic about what they were doing. To be honest, after all of the great things I heard, my expectations were high. Vend exceeded them.

I’m currently partaking in the onboarding process so will still be quiet at this end for a wee bit as I’ll still be adjusting. This also means I’ll be making the adjustment from being a consultant to being a permie. I struggled with leaving teams of people I became rather attached to during a project – now this should no longer be a problem.

Here’s to new beginnings and new learnings!