I am grateful for a variety of friends and acquaintances in the testing world who keep me alert to things they discover. What makes it even more fun is when I’m alerted to things I did and forgot about, or someone discovers something I didn’t know was there. Today is one of those days.

Back in April, I gave a talk about “The New Testers: Critical Skills and Capabilities to Deliver Quality at Speed”. I posted the slides on my LinkedIn profile and my SlideShare account, and then went on with my reality. It was pointed out that a video of my talk was recorded, and now that I know where it is, I can share it here :).


I give a shout out to SummerQAmp, PerScholas, Weekend Testing, and Miagi-do as exemplars as to what we can do to help empower future testers with real skills. There are many others, to be sure, but these are the one’s I’m actively engaged in, so hey, I’m biased :).
I hope you enjoy the talk, and if you do, please share the message with others.