Taken from iruler.net

This week was CAST2014. I managed to attend CASTLive session: “Looking to social science for help with metrics” by Justin Rohrman that was aired over USTREAM.

Metrics are all around us. From Google PageRank to how tall we are (very important metric for me in high school because I am very fond of basketball). But I mostly see wrong metrics around me.

Croatian economy have been six straight years in recession. Metric to get out of recession is that  GDP % growth must be >0 for three consecutive months. So Croatian government tries to apply wrong metrics in order to prove that we are on our way out of recession.

Croatian tourism creates 17% of national GDP. Spanish only 6.4%! Good news? Not so good news because rest of the Croatian economy is not doing so well and that fact raises Croatian tourism share in overall GDP.

% growth of Croatian export in grater that % growth of import. Good news? No, because important metric is coverage of import with export. And that number declines despite of the first metric.

There was metric in newspapers that Croatian taxes for entrepreneurs are the lowest one in the EU. But important metric is % of tax share in national GDB, which puts us at the top of the scale.

University of Zagreb is no more among the top 500. One of the important metric is “how big” is University web space. In order to tweak this metric, University of Zagreb put all its domains under one root domain, unizg.hr. Did not help. Maybe would help to increase the number of web pages (which would probably cause lower quality of page content)?