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In previous post I described generalization of add iPhone number feature. Now is time to bring this issue in front of people that matter, stakeholders.

AST Bug advocacy teaches us that we need to externalize issue. That means:

  • What are the consequences of this failure?
  • Is comparative data available (product history and competitors issues)?
  • Have people written about problems like this?
  • What benefits does this failure interfere with?

Lets answer those question in context of add iPhone number feature.
What are the consequences of this failure?
User adds new contact which is mobile number. But default contact category is home. If user does not change default category to mobile or iPhone, send message icon will not be present next to the new number. User will not be able to send message from contact list (or call list) in quickest way.
Is comparative data available?
Yes. Using iOS simulator for iOS 7.0.3, that failure is not reproducible.
Have people written about problems like this?
Yes, but not a lot. Using Google or Yahoo, I only found one complain. I tried to search apple bug database, but this is not possible (say what!?). Before judge, read more about this here.
What benefits does this failure interfere with?
HICCUPS oracle analysis is helpful to determine that.
History – in iOS 7.0.3 SIMULATOR, quick message icon was present, regardless of category.
Comparable product – Using SauceLabs service, I created Android 4.4 virtual machine and confirmed that adding contact with home category (default category number is mobile) it is possible to send message to that number using send message quick icon.
User expectation. By searching the internet, I have not found a lot of complains. So, user expectation is broken, but not in such extent that could threaten Apple public image.
Read more about HICCUPS in provided link. 
Who would care about this failure and why?
Product owner because of history inconsistency and sales department because comparable (and competitors) product inconsistency.
We have two strong facts that could help us to sell this bug (make it fix by developers).
In next post, I will write how to compile all gathered information so far in credible and meaningful bug report.