Huh! I haven’t written something for a while. Like I went for a sabbatical or something..

Actually I was not having a sabbatical.. Last year I moved from Trivandrum to Bangalore and had a short stint at Moolya Software Testing. Even though it was a short stint, had a good time, learned some new things, met quite a few interesting characters.. Got more exposure to the mobile world.. Nice learning experience.

And now I’m again back at RM Education, the company I was working for, before I moved to Moolya. Did some ground work on the new project, set things up and finally all is well. So, good time to come back to writing!

No specific plans on what am I going to write. But there are things that I intend to do in the coming days/months/year…

1. Reading more books about Software Testing and keep on practicing my testing skills.

2. Checking out some of the courses in Udemy, particularly Alan Richardson’s Technical Testing Course.

3. Occasional crack flashing of custom ROMs in my Nexus 4 😀

4. Trying to learn a new language with Duolingo.

5. Watch some movies in my pending list.

6. Improve my photography skills.

7. Visit places that I’ve never been to.

And so on.. Hopefully the above list helps to keep the posts coming in 😀

Thanks for visiting my blog even when there were no posts, please do visit often as I intend to write more.. Your feedback is very valuable!

Until next time, Happy Testing!