Isolated Jabuka island in Adriatic sea.

In previous post we described R (Replicate from RIMGEA acronym) on iPhone add number feature. I is for isolate.
AST Bug Advocacy course teaches that in order to isolate a bug, we need to:

  • eliminate unnecessary steps
  • have one failure per report

Lets eliminate all unnecessary steps. Our goal is to be still able to replicate the issue with that minimal number of steps. We can remove all Given steps that describe precondition.

So, instead of:

Given that I unlock iPhone
And I was not in search mode in contacts
And I touch Phone icon
And I touch Contacts icon
And I touch blue + in upper right corner

we can have:

Given that I am in All Contacts
When I touch blue + in upper right corner

One failure per report.
In original report, observation Then section describes two symptoms instead of one: message icon is present for some time and then it disappears and progress iOS icon is shown for some time (indicates that some background task is running). Furthermore, in original report I entered number that is already listed under “my number” contact. When I entered number that is not already present in iPhone contacts, message icon does not show at all (and there is no progress icon).

This is indication that we report two issues instead of one. Original Then section:

Then message icon is present right to number
And number label is home by default
And I see iOS progress icon right to mobile network indicator
And message icon disappears after some time

is replaced with:

Then number label is home by default
And there is no message icon

We showed how to isolate a bug in our bug report. In next post, we will try to Maximize the failure.