Just to expand on a previous post about Where do you see yourself in ten years, I was wondering, what did I ever do for money. What kind of jobs and things have I earned money doing?

These are mine:

– Bakery Assistant (age 8).
– Catering Waiter at a Music School.
– Dishwasher at a Tel Aviv restaurant.
– Dishwasher at a Chain Restaurant.
– Cashier at Supermarket.
– Waiter at Chain Restaurant.
– Bartender at a Turkish Restaurant.
– U6 through High School Soccer Coach.
– Professional Wrestler.
– Musician.
– DJ.
– Cleaner.
– Door to Door Salesman (for one day).
– Talent Agent Assistant.
– Marketing Assistant at Positively Cleveland.
– Database Consultant.
– Office Admin.
– Kombucha Factory Crew.
– Test Engineer.

Shit, that’s a lot of “careers”.