Miroslav (left) and Zeljko,
craft beer evangelists caught in action. 

As we previously announced here, yesterday we had special Zagreb STC #16 meetup. With the help of our sponsor Toptal, we had an opportunity to test different flavors of beers available at Sheridan’s Irish Pub, and first production of American Ale created by first Croatian Craft brewery Nova Runda.

Testing session was led by professionals, Miroslav Šuvak, cofounder of Nova Runda, and Zeljko Filipin, software tester who can produce his own beer and is a brother of second cofounder, Marko Filipin.

We had two new comers who found this event on Meetup platform. They business is nuclear physics, volunteering, refactoring of 20 000 lines of Java code, beer and startup Enfojer. We also joined with Zagreb Javascript meetup group.

We learned:

  • what is Craft brewery,
  • beer creation process,
  • that beer is side effect of yeast digestion of malt,
  • how to regulate beer bitterness,
  • that Europe lager is most famous beer type in Europe,
  • hop is actually beer spice,
  • if you want to learn more than read book “Craft Beer World
  • and the most important, Nova Runda produced excellent Ale!

Final stage was beer tasting. We tested almost 10 different beers, in small cups. Great learning experience.