In April I attended CRAFT2014 conference. My college suggested that we book our accommodation over the AirBnb service. We found great place near conference venue for affordable price. We were very happy with the service.

Where is send message icon?

In order to prepare for our trip to Budapest, I saved our host mobile number in my iPhone (iPhone 4s, iOS 7.1.0) under the home category (default one).

I wanted to check the number by sending SMS. As I was already in contacts application, I wanted to use send message icon next to number that I just entered. I noticed that icon was missing (see picture).

Is this a failure? Can I make it more spectacular failure? In order to determine that, I will use what I learned in just finished AST Bug advocacy course (still waiting on my final result).

RIMGEA is acronym that help testers to write clear bug reports.

In following blog posts I will apply each of letters to send message issue in order to write clear bug report. My goal is to sell that bug to Apple iOS developers. In other words, I want that bug to be fixed.