On Wednesday we gathered at Zagreb STC #15. First of all, I would like to thank our host, King ICT, for hosting and sponsoring this event.

Eight people attended this meet up, with three newcomers. So we started with usual introductions.
After introductions, testers from King-ICT shared their software testing challenges from their daily work. This proved as very useful meet up practice, because this usually sparks interesting conversation about software testing topics.

We moved SOAP UI presentation for next meet up. I would like to state that we have a pending question regarding SOAP UI: How to configure in SOAP UI ssl certificate for testing with https protocol?

Next on table was my hands on presentation of HICCUPPS principles, oracle consistency heuristics that could help tester (or not) to identify is some application behavior bug or not. Those principles are created by James Bach and extended by Michael Bolton. HICCUPPS is mnemonic for: history, image, comparable products, claims, user expectation, product, purpose, statutes. Testers love to use mnemonics. The reason is from learning theory, mnemonics helps you to remember important topics much easier.
I showed how I applied consistency heuristics on Open Office Impress behavior:

Given that I set line width to 0”
When I draw line with that width
Then line is drawn and visible
And line dialog (mouse right click on line, top option) shows width of 0”

Expected: Unable to input 0” line width.

For assignment: please write as comment to this blog your own consistency heuristics analysis for described Impress behavior in order to determine is this a bug or not.

This hands on presentation showed me that we should have similar presentations in future meet ups. Other testers found this topic (automation free topic) very interesting. What is my heuristic for that opinion? The follow up questions and discussions from other testers that were triggered by ideas presented in this hands on presentation, supports this heuristic. And thumb up for Iva, because she prepared for this presentation by creating HICCUPPS mind map. She told me that she uses mind maps in her daily software testing work.

And we agreed for next meet up place and agenda. Believe me, it will be very interesting! So stay tuned!