I am renowned at work for my sartorial panache (the image is from one of my t-shirts). So when I spotted a hole in the knee of my jeans on Monday last week there was no option other than to replace them immediately. Or, at least, next time I went shopping.

In fact, those jeans were old and well-worn in many places, although not that funny little pocket just inside the main front pocket, which looked as good as new.

I’d always known it as a ticket pocket. Others call it a watch pocket, fob pocket or even a condom pocket. I’ve never kept anything in one on all the pairs of jeans I’ve ever owned.

Why is it there? Historically it apparently had some purpose but these days it’s essentially invisible through familiarity, expected but ignored, unknown but non-threatening, an occasional irritation when something accidentally ends up in it and a largely pointless feature.

And so in an unlikely analogy even for me, I find myself wondering what the ticket pockets would be if my AUT was a pair of blue denims.
Image: TeeT Shirts