Two years ago, my friend told me about interesting lecture at Zagreb Technical museum about the problem what is in the center of Milky way. The theory, that needs proof, is that in the center of our galaxy is a Black hole.

In this post I will explain how I failed as a software tester at the end of this lecture.

The lecturer was employee of The Royal Greenwich observatory, and as he explained, his mission is to go around the world and spread the latest hot topics from an astronomy field. He was like a astronomy “rock” star.

In order to de picture what bothered me as an software tester about the content of this lecture, go to 5:30, 9:10 and 10:55 of this video. Lecturer said that those animations could be first proof that stars orbiting around one center. But from the video it looks like stars are orbiting  around several centers. The video explains how they cope with that problem, but lecturer did not explained that.

I failed as a tester because I did not asked the lecturer for more info about that problem. Constructive questioning and scientific method are important software tester craftsmanship. Follow those links to found out more about them.