Last Tuesday I attended a WeTest Auckland Meetup on Effective Communication at Assurity

The Experience Report was given by Wil McLellan, who spoke about how he started up EPIC and how his communication skills enabled him to do so. It was a powerful Experience Report that many people found inspiring. Not only this, but we learned some valuable tips as well on communication.

3 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills

1. WIIFT – What’s In It For Them?
A valuable acronym that Wil taught us was WIIFT: What’s In It For Them? When you are in a negotiation or are holding a meeting, it is important to ask yourself this question in order to figure out where the other person is coming from?

Ask yourself:

  • Why should they listen to you?
  • What are you offering them, they would benefit from?

2. Build Rapport
If you build rapport with someone, it means they are more open to your ideas. An effective way to do this is through mirroring.

Wil described three ways, through which you can mirror someone:

  1. Body Language – When they lean in and cross their legs, you lean in and cross your legs. When they place their arm on their hip, you place your arm on your hip.
  2. Verbal – Take note of the tone, speed and volume at which they talk, then attempt to match it.
  3. Commonalities – Find things in common with someone. Do they like football? Mention that you currently play as a Striker in your local football club.

3. Aim for a Win-Win Situation
When you negotiating with someone, remember that you want everyone to win. Do what you can to make this happen and steer the conversation in that direction.