There’s nothing like the mild terror one feels when they get back from several days away and then thinks “aw man, I have to post something today!” Too many of my posts have stretched over two weeks, and while I had perfectly valid reasons for that, I said that I’s post every Friday, whether I had a lot to talk about or just a little. I’ve decided the volume of the delivery is less important than the regularity and reliability of having an entry every Friday, and that’s what’s driving me today.

With the ALM forum and all that surrounded it, as well as getting ready for my talk in presenting my slides, I really didn’t have a whole at a time to go through and push my way into learning more about JavaScript and implementing as much of it as I wanted to. I started the Codecademy JavaScript module, and worked through several of the initial entries. When I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to have something to show by the end of this week… okay I cheated. Well I didn’t cheat. I just went out on the web and I looked at some sample JavaScript projects, and tried to see if I could make sense of what they were doing.

The good news I found a simple JavaScript project that I could apply to the site’s navigation bar. If you remember from last week’s example, the navigation bar was really just a couple of links horizontally displayed, with brackets on the end to simulate “buttons”. This time, we made real buttons with a little interactivity to them. They give a visual indication of which page has been selected (the button is a little larger than the others):

and here’s the CSS and JavaScript code that makes the site look better than 1995 ;).

I should stop here and say, again, there are a lot of neat little distractions you can get into with JavaScript. There’s potentially a slight barrier to entry to a brand-new web developer. HTML is pretty easy. CSS has some rules, but once you learn them, they don’t feel that different compared to native HTML. JavaScript is very similar to PHP, in that you can learn the basics pretty quickly. How to actually use the basics effectively, and in a meaningful way on your pages… that’s a bit of an art form, and it’s one of the things you’re going to have to practice doing. Start small and work out from there.

So there you have it. Again, because of me being out of town and being completely consumed by the ALM Form conference, I did not get a chance to do as much JavaScript hacking as I wanted to, but that will give me a chance for next week to get a little deeper. Perhaps I can pop a little bit of eye candy into the site, so we make it a little more interesting. As always, crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and maybe run before you get on a bicycle or drive a car. Little steps get you in, and I think the project will ultimately become a little more interesting as the defined repeatable things get more and more caned so I can focus on other things :).