In this blog post I will describe Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 user experience issue. Using consistency oracles, I will advocate why is this user experience issue.
In Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, I accidentally closed source code explorer window. This is for me the most important tool window. It is window that enables me to easily browse through the project files and folder structure. I did not have information how to reopen it. I started my investigation by touring the View menu. There is 24 menu options in first menu level, but no source code explorer option. I switched to Window menu, no lack again. So far I spent 5 minutes in my tour. Switched back to View menu, other windows submenu, there it was, as sixth option. I spent 8 minutes in my tour.
This is not consistent with:

  • user expectation – I expect that most important window must be reopened in quick manner.
  • consistent with claims – on Visual Studio home page, second claim is “Built for Agile processes”. Dictionary meaning of word agile is: Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble. I spent 8 minutes to find out how to reopen source code explorer window. This is not agile.
  • consistent with our image – observe picture in this post (picture is from Microsoft Visual Studio home page). Microsoft wants to project image as company that enables user to do their work quickly.
We have three inconsistencies which are advocating my claim that described behavior is user experience issue in Microsoft Visual Studio.