Yesterday our sponsor was CloudSense, and we would like to thank them for warm hospitality. They provided usual pizza and not so usual beer, but most important was that we got to know new people that are very interested in software testing.

We started with usual introductions (there was 17 people), and after that Kreso gave introduction about CloudSense software development and testing challenges.

Zeljko announced Zagreb CITCON 2014, software testing unconference that will be held in September.
Ranko talked about latest free version of SoapUI, toll that helps him in testing web services. We concluded that for next meeting he should gave a talk about it.
During mingle time over pizza and beer, we discussed various software testing topics. We found out that one of CloudSense software testing challenges in domain of browser automation is auto regeneration of html elements

ids after every deploy. The tool is SalesForce, at it seems that testability is not one of the product features. It was very interesting to here how they cope with that problem. We concluded that software testing is heating up in Croatia, because there are many job posts for software testing positions. Great meet up, great host, we are looking forward for Zagreb STC #15!