As a tester I am biased towards open source technologies. Which implies that I am not biased towards Microsoft technologies. Should professional tester be allowed to have such an opinion? In this blog post I will explain why I was wrong.
In my Ruby rspec test, I have to read email from Microsoft Exchange server. Because of my bias against Microsoft technologies, I thought that this is not possible. After few Google searches, I came across Exchange Web Services Managed API. What, Microsoft opened its technology using open standard?! Shame on me and big plus for Microsoft. Next search lead me to Viewpoint Ruby gem. As repo is not aligned with recent work, here you can read about gem updated documentation. Master branch is not aligned with code published on Rubygems, so in order to explore all viewpoint methods, you need to explore viewpoint source that is installed to your local Ruby. Here is how to find gem path:

> irb
2.0.0p353 :001> require ‘viewpoint’
2.0.0p353 :002> puts Gem.loaded_specs[‘viewpoint’].full_gem_pat

Here is github gist with simple viewpoint client.