I’m currently available and looking for new test leadership or testing work.

I’m located in Madison, WI and would like to work locally but am open to working remotely.

I’m a context-driven tester and manager who views software testing as a skilled craft and my chosen career. I feel as a manager and tester that I need to always be learning and teaching testing. To that end I am actively involved in the industry outside of work as the President for the Association for Software Testing (AST). I have also published articles, been an invited guest on podcasts, and spoken about software testing. Beyond those things I also have a bachelor’s degree in Management and Communications and a minor in Human Resources.

My leadership style promotes individual skill while infusing modern testing approaches and methods. I encourage and promote collaboration and I believe challenging one another is critical to the success of any testing team. I tailor approaches, methods, and practices for each unique situation avoiding one size fits all solutions. I also have a wide range of skills from exploratory testing to virtualization; and a diverse set of experiences from medical software to mobile apps.

How can you learn more about me?

  • Check out my profile on LinkedIn.
  • Read through my blog.
  • Check out the links in the “Publications” section of my LinkedIn profile.
  • Follow me on Twitter.

Thanks to Ben Simo for inspiring this post.