This blog post is about my notes on slide set for BBST Foundations lecture 3: Oracle.
When I hear world Oracle, first thought that pop up in my mind is Matrix Reloaded scene with Oracle and Neo. Oracle is very important character, and so are testers oracles.
I started with required reading “Testing without a map” by Michael Bolton. Tester sometimes is doing exploratory testing in order to gather information for more detailed test strategy. Oracles (principle) and Heuristics (fallible guides) to Oracles. HICCUPPS heuristics with example.
Second read is “The essence of heuristics” by James Bach. Heuristics give a structure to our testing skill. Heuristics are not best practices.
“Using Heuristic Test Oracles” gave a good example how to use HICCUPPS heuristics.
I found “Definition of Engineering Method” by Koen on following link. Heuristics are important part of engineering method. This should be read by every engineer!
“On testing non-testable programs” lack of oracles is elaborated. Last two manuscripts were produced with typewriter, and it felt like reading ancient manuscripts about secrets of testing.
How we are good at creating and using created oracles, means how are we good at automated testing. I read Michaels blog post about test inputs and expected results. I found an issue in pdf, because although link was properly displayed, when I clicked on it, it pointed me to different blog post. Here is link once again.