Here is the difference between happiness and satisfaction:

Consider this quote is from How Zynga went from social gaming powerhouse to has-been.

“During my five-month mark, it started turning sour when we were pushing a lot of code that was destroying the ecosystem—they were not fixing bugs,” he said. “At one time, I had 10,000 players trapped inside a quest. 10,000! The attitude was ‘Don’t worry about them.’ [Management] would rather grab new players, keep them for three months or so, get $5 to $10 from them, and those players would quit and leave.”

When I read this, I am not happy. It’s sad to see hundreds of jobs lost because– among other things– a company loses interest in producing a product that works well.

But I am satisfied when yet another example of a high flying wipeout shows that testing (and bug fixing) matters.