Workshop On Self-Education in software testing (WHOSE)

December 5-7, 2013

Participation will be limited to 25 (at most, 30) people. Attendance is competitive. See the notes on “how to apply” below. There is no conference fee; the Association for Software Testing (AST) is defraying all the expenses which include facilities, supplies. Travel stipends are available for exceptional cases. There is an optional dinner Wednesday, December 4th. (Participants cover their own costs.)

Hosts: Matthew Heusser, Erik Davis, Peter Schrijver.

This call and all subsequent updates to this call are available online.


Our goal is to produce a skills inventory that is context driven. In other words, a list of skills describing each skill and including references for the reader on where to go for more. These references might include exercises, papers, videos, books, etc. The purpose of the skills inventory is to promote self-education; providing the reader with a place to start on how to learn software testing.

This list will be neither exhaustive nor completely correct – but it needs to be better than nothing. We will attract contributors with a demonstrated knowledge of testing and enough experience teaching to have high confidence in the result.


The workshop will use a facilitated exercise to produce a high-level outline of tester skills, combined with open-space style meetings to fill in the outline. Every attendee will contribute. Based on demand, we may develop some preplanned sessions.

The format for this event is inspired by Barcamp and Open Space Technology and is not a LAWST-Style workshop.


AST is holding this event with one requirement: Produce a first-draft skills inventory, likely in wiki, mind-map, or some other creative modern format. The document will be licensed under creative commons with attribution or a similar (free/open) licensing model.

How to apply

If you want to attend the meeting, send an email to Matt Heusser (, Erik Davis (, and Peter Schrijver ( The email should briefly describe your software testing background, your experience with or knowledge about software testing, experience level assessing or cataloging testing skills, what you could contribute to this type of event, why you would want to attend, and any special needs or request you have.

Please send in your application by October 15th, no more than one page of text (but you can link to your website or published papers or other published material).


The event will run 8AM-5PM Thursday Dec 5 and Friday Dec 6, as well as 8AM to noon on December 7th. We will have an optional kickoff dinner Wednesday, December 4th.


The meeting will be hosted by Hyland Software in Westlake, Ohio. The suggested hotel is the Marriott Residence Inn, Westlake, which has a free hotel shuttle and free Hyland Shuttle on request.

QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? Write Matt Heusser, Erik Davis, or Peter Schrijver