In about three and a half weeks time, the first Auckland WeTest will take place. I’m really looking forward to it and having the hard work of Shirley, Jen, Erin and I pay off.

Now here’s a bullet point summary of why I’m looking forward to this event:

a) Reaping what we have sown

I’m keen to see it actually happen. When you’re planning an event, it’s simply an idea in your head that you’re shaping to become a reality – but when it’s actually happening; then that’s another thing altogether.

b) Meeting people from different backgrounds and different approaches to testing

Our event will give ample opportunities for discussion and to offer your opinion. I’m looking forward to hearing what people have to say; especially those I do not agree with. I want to learn how and why people approach testing in different ways. From this event, I hope to have a better idea of the other testing approaches that are common/popular in Auckland, based on how people give feedback/ask questions on the Experience Report.

c) The Dice Game

Yes, it can be very frustrating – especially considering you can break the rules (which really forces you to think outside the square). But it’s very satisfying when you finally do figure it out and think back to previous rolls and how it satisfied the rule.

d) The Experience Report

Donna McIntosh will give an experience report on Automation. Other than the fact it’s a topic often talked about in testing, I’m keen to see on what she has to say about her criteria on when Automation is viable.