Its been inspiring to meet and work with Lalitkumar Bhamare, co-founder of Tea Time with Testers. To see someone as young as Lalit, with the passion and drive to produce this magazine every month is something that inspires me. Its not just his dedication that I find impressive, but the fact the magazine is consistently filled with excellent examples and ideas to improve how we test, written by some seriously impressive names within the testing industry. 
I felt privileged to be asked to contribute a series of articles recently, focussed on the theme of my first set of blog posts, Addressing the Risks of Exploratory Testing. If you would like to read these please check out the editions below. 
Addressing the Risks of Exploratory Testing – Part 1
Addressing the Risks of Exploratory Testing – Part 2
Addressing the Risks of Exploratory Testing – Part 3

I’ll also be guest editing the next edition, which is being produced to celebrate the contribution of women within the testing industry. Having seen some of the articles I know the content will as inspiring as it is every month. So set up your subscription to TeaTime with Testers to make sure you don’t miss out on a regular dose of inspiration in your inbox!