We are inviting all interested developers/testers to Zagreb Software Testing Club #12 meet up that will be held on:
Thursday, 19.9.2013
from 18.00
in Zip.Factory.

We are going to test Starcraft 2 starter edition. Game will be installed on one laptop that will be connected with projector. Every tester should come to session with pencil and notebook. We will start gathering game requirements by watching (one take, and actually listening is important part) following gameplay overview video. We will produce mind map. After that, we will take game play introduction campaigns, and will expand our mind map.
Session will last for 60 minutes.
Goal of testing session is to learn how to listen and ask questions, which is fundamental skill of every software tester.

As usual, pizza and refreshments will be provided to help us in our testing activities.

We are proud to announce that sponsor of Zagreb STC #12 meet up is Toptal.