This is going to be very much a niche post. For many, this won’t make a lot of sense. For others, it will make a great deal of sense, and it’s all of you that it will make sense to that I am hoping will read and consider this post.

Members of the Association for Software Testing, CAST 2013 will be starting just under two weeks from today. I will be there. I will be speaking, helping out where I can, and, I hope, acting as a positive representative of this organization.

This year also marks the end of my inaugural term as a member of the Board of Directors. I am up for re-election. I have considered why I should run for the Board again, and why I should ask each and every one of you to give me your support and your vote.

Short version:

I am running once again, and I am asking for your vote of support for a second term.

Longer Version:

I have enjoyed interacting with all of you over the past two years. I’ve served in the role of being the “BBST Headmaster“,  keeping track of the books for the organization as the Association’s Treasurer, and working as the Chair of the Education Special Interest Group, most notably with the group of dedicated individuals who have helped compile and curate the materials that are developing to be the basis of educational modules for SummerQAmp.

I’ll be blunt. I’m not an academic. I’m not a consultant. I’m a software tester. A practitioner. I’m an everyday, regular person who works for a regular company. I’m also one who wants to see our profession, craft, discipline, “call it what you will” grow, develop and flourish.

I enjoy being actively involved in those efforts, and being part of the Board of Directors allows me the opportunity to try and see these initiatives, and others, be pushed forward. There are long time projects that need updating, and delivery options that we may want to consider, as an organization, to enhance or replace what we currently use. Frankly, I think I’m just crazy enough to take a number of these on and make them happen.

As a practitioner, I’m also a bit of a cynic (it comes with the territory of being a software tester). I know some of you are thinking… “OK, so what’s in it for you?” That’s a totally fair question. The fact is, I get opportunities to learn about software testing education in avenues I would not were I not part of this Board. I get the chance to help see grant opportunities develop for international testing conferences, and help see them get funded. I get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing that we as an organization are making a difference around the world, spreading a message of “sapient testing” that breaks free of old methods and default “factory paradigms” that, frankly, don’t make sense in an ever adapting digital world.

Yes, I want to see those opportunities continue. I want to champion excellent software testing. I want to get involved with more initiatives that will help make software testing education more available, better performing, more engaging, and yes, dare I say it… FUN! There are many avenues where that could happen,  but I like the mission and purpose of the Association for Software Testing, and everyone involved in it as members. I could approach these opportunities in a number of places, but I’d rather approach it here, with all of you.

Really, that’s all I have to say. The final vote is yours. I have enjoyed very much these past two years working with you, and on your behalf. I’d like to ask you for two more years… membership willing :).