I’m in beautiful Oregon and I’m loving it.
In the past week and a half I’ve done the following:

  • Gone to Bandon
  • Eaten waffles at Off the Waffle in Eugene, Oregon
  • Been to the Deschutes County Fair
  • Gone to the High Desert Museum
  • Gone to Crater Lake and Scott Lake
  • Rolled my ankle and strapped it
  • Gone to the Lava Caves
  • Eaten amazing halibut

Other than checking my emails, Facebook, the news and writing reviews on the tourist attractions/restaurants, we have gone to, I must say – I’ve enjoyed having rather little time in front of a computer.

Don’t get me wrong, I plan on getting back into the swing of things when I get back to work. But until then, seeing a bunch of unread emails and Facebook notifications is all jeezy.

Actually, talking about computers – a random thing happened while we were at High Desert Museum.
After we wandered through this stunning museum, I decided to fill in a Survey Monkey survey right before the exit.
It mainly consisted of a bunch of radio-button questions asking if I thought the exhibit was of good-value, would I recommend this place, etc etc.
But then at some point, I must’ve selected an answer they didn’t like – because I ended up going in circles and had to answer the same questions again and again and again and again….
I soon figured out which question was doing the cyclical logic and pointed it out to the staff.
I do hope they didn’t miss out on valuable feedback because of people who got impatient. But then this leads me to wonder……
Who exactly does give feedback after going to restaurants, attractions etc?
I wrote a blog post not too long ago on feedback. I make an effort to give good feedback when I feel the experience warrants it. It’s kinda because I don’t want to the bad feedback to outweigh the good work that people actually do.

For anyone interested, here are some photos of my trip.
See, I wasn’t kidding when I said Oregon is beautiful.