So, I’m currently in the USA.

More specifically: Oregon. Beautiful state – I’m taking tonnes of photos. Only wish I had one of those fancy cameras so that the beauty of what I see, really does come across in an actual photo.

Anywho. A weird thing seemed to happen when I was transferring money over by Internet Banking with BNZ and I’d be keen to hear from anyone who has experienced the same thing (or something similar) due to time differences between countries.

But first, here’s a bit of background information before I launch into this:
1. Oregon, USA is 19 hours behind Auckland, New Zealand. Or in other words, it’s basically a day behind.
2. I’m using YouMoney (Internet Banking made user-friendly, by BNZ)
3. I want to transfer money to pay bills

So I want to pay a few bills from my ‘Bill Payments’ account.
Here’s what usually happens:
1. Select Payee
2. Select Account from which money is deducted (in this case ‘Bill Payments’ account)
3. Enter Amount that needs to be deducted
I don’t expand the window and don’t bother with the other fields like reference, date etc.

Then I click OK.

Red error message appears. (Sigh. Really? ffs)

I’ve filled in all of the mandatory fields (refer to 1-3) so I expand the window and check out the other fields.

BNZ has a problem with my date.

You see, the default is ‘Today’ which is Friday 26 July 2013 in the USA. But the date is already Saturday 27 July 2013 in New Zealand.

It appears that BNZ thinks I’m trying to enter a date in the past even though if this was actually the case, the date should’ve been greyed out.

I have a little play around trying to transfer money between accounts to no avail.

So I then try to transfer money between accounts for tomorrow. Thinking, it might show up straight away like it normally would if I transferred money over today. (hope that makes sense?)
The UI accepts it and everything seems to be successful.

But alas, the money doesn’t go through until the following day.

So tell me, has anyone else experienced something like this?
Surely someone had thought of this scenario when they built YouMoney.