Soon, I will be on a long-haul flight.

And I won’t deny it – there are many things I dread, like not getting any sleep, the ear popping and walking through First Class and Business Class to get to Economy class- just so you know what you’re missing out on by not upgrading.

But let’s not get into that. I would rather dwell on the positives.

The In-flight Entertainment system
It’s mighty impressive these days. You’d be hard pressed to not have enough to do, no matter how long your flight is.
We’ve got a long way since Seinfeld showing on a few screens at the front of each section

The food
I like how it’s neatly packaged. It’s so cute.
Bear in mind this blog post is written by someone who uses up half of her check-in luggage on travel size toiletries when she travels. Bit of an obsession.

Meeting Other Insomniacs at the Back of the Place while Everyone Else is Sleeping
I’m a member of this club. It saddens me that I can’t sleep – but hey, it’s good to keep on moving. No need for those decompression socks when you literally can’t keep still.

Getting my luggage before most other people
The baggage claim can be a nerve-wracking experience where you worry that:
a) Your luggage won’t come
b) Everyone else is gone and you’re still waiting  for your luggage
Tell me, why are people in such a rush to get off the plane, just to spend more time waiting for their luggage?
Part of me thinks it’s some sort of competition, and to ‘win’ my luggage needs to come first