For a good number of you, this is probably already old news. For some of you, this may be new. In either case, I would like to thank Lalit Bhamare and the staff of Tea Time With Testers for featuring me not once, but twice, in the July 2013 issue.

First, I wrote an editorial for the opening of the magazine titled “A Degree in Software Testing?“. In it, I lay out the ideas that I think would make for a good degree program, and I state that, as far as I’m concerned, we should stop waiting for the institutions of higher learning to catch up to us, and instead, we should forge ahead and make our own path. In my mind, a software testing degree would look a lot like a classical Liberal Arts degree, with additional emphasis on computer science, philosophy, writing, mathematics and, yes, some core focus on actual nuts and bolts testing.

Second, Lalit and the staff at Tea Time With Testers came up with a list of questions to ask me about how I got into testing, what I’m doing now, my reasons for live blogging (and blogging in general), tester education, SummerQAmp, developing technical chops, Weekend Testing and a bunch of other areas. It was a lot of fun to do, and I appreciate the chance to share some of my ideas with the broader community.

Is this an elaborate pitch to have you go and get the July issue of Tea Time With Testers? As a matter of fact… yes, yes it is. So what are you waiting for :)?