The next Rapid Testing Intensive Online class (RTIO3) is set for July 24-26. The class consists of three webinars per day and one big exercise each day. It’s held in the Pacific Time Zone, but can be taken by anyone, anywhere. The class focuses around how to test something well when you don’t have a lot of time and you don’t necessarily know a lot about it and you may be the only tester surrounded by a lot of people willing to help but who don’t consider themselves professional testers. That’s a typical situation on Agile projects. Sign up soon if you want to get in on it.

The first RTI class, happened a year ago. (And I still owe a report on what happened. I have made progress on that report. I now have all the materials including student work gathered together and ready to distribute to any student who might want them. It’s runs to a couple of gigabytes. Yikes.) One of the lessons we learned from that is not to try to do an online and onsite class at the same time. So, now the RTI is either online-only or onsite-only.