Even though the wonders of technology can be mighty impressive with all the nifty things it can do – I gotta say it can be pretty frustrating as well.

Nifty?  You might ask. Well yes. Here are a few examples I have encountered in the last few days in my everyday life that we all probably take for granted.

Fancy-schmancy sinks at the Auckland City Libraries bathrooms. You put your hands underneath the tap, then soap is automatically dispensed; water pours out so you can lather up your hands, and then WAIT FOR IT, the hand-dryer starts up as well. (And on that note, it was not one of those stupid ones where it feels like that someone is breathing heavily on your hand – it was more like a Dyson Airblade. Damn, that’s good).

Traffic lights that count down. I first saw this in Brunei a few years back (before it even reached New Zealand). Now, there are a few traffic lights on Queen Street that countdown after the Green Man stops flashing, so you know EXACTLY how much time you have to scurry acorss the road.

Automated checkouts. Usually pretty sweet.

But then:

You can’t find the barcode to scan


The weight is not registering when you put in the plastic bag.

And you’re left wishing you went to an actual person instead of some machine.

On that note, let me get into a key reason why I’d one day have a reason to go on a vendetta against technology.

Computer freezes.

.. Yeah yeah, we’re all told to save that s@#$. Click Save or press Ctrl  + S to your hearts content.
But really, I swear the most important stuff you work on happens between you saving your work and the computer deciding to make you sweat and decide to misbehave.

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