I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking at two conferences this year!

If you’re on your way to Agile2013 in Nashville in August, please stop by my full-length Big Visible Testing session in the experience report track. I simply didn’t have enough time to tell you all the cool stuff in my CAST 2012 emerging topic.
If you’re excited about trying exploratory testing with some in-person coaching, Matt Heusser and I will be there for you.
Or catch up with me some time that week to say hi.





If you’re on your way to CAST 2013 in Madison in August, start out your conference with my Walking Skeletons, Butterflies, & Islands: an agile journey experience report.
I look forward to fielding your questions about agile testing!

Sadly, my talks will not be streamed online this year, but you might enjoy the webCAST lineup!