This is Part II of the Journey of a Test Analyst Series

Part I: The Beginning
Part III: Diving into the Big Bad World of Testing

Now let’s launch straight into it shall we.

The Application Process
Well to start with, the thing that really caught my attention was the fact that a handwritten cover letter was asked for.

So this caught my attention for a few reasons.

  • I figured, since we’re actually using snail mail to submit part of our application; they’re more likely to be read
  • No backspace was available for my cover letter (Shock! Horror! Old school it is then.)
  • Will my handwriting be legible? Most people can’t read my handwriting when I don’t make an effort to be legible. I’d liken to a doctor’s.

I also prepared and submitted my CV, placing emphasis on the skills I possess that applied to the role of a Test Analyst.

Quick tip: Make sure to proof-read your application. I’ve been told time and time again that attention to detail is muy importante to be an effective Test Analyst- so I like to think I possess this trait.
BUT, if you get a haircut and I don’t comment on it, please don’t be offended and throw this blog post in my face.

Now, onto the next stage: Phone interview.
I had this during exam time on the top floor of the uni library, so thankfully this was short and sweet.
My impression of this was that it was an opportunity for the company to gauge what I’m like and how I communicate.
I do remember thinking: OK Nicola answer the question but don’t talk her ear off. (I once had a 6 hour phone conversation- I really can be quite a chatterbox).

Luckily I made it through that stage as well. *fist pump*

So it all came down to the face to face interview.

This was done through video conference. Admittedly, I did find the start a bit distracting as I kept on checking myself out on the corner of the screen to see if I looked OK.

I also appreciated the fact that they made an effort to make me comfortable and used some humour to diffuse the situation.

Looking back, I was quite glad that I did some background reading (study) on Assurity before I came in. You see, you know how you usually get told to do your research on a company before you apply/interview, well in this case- I’m certainly glad I did.

With regards to any specific questions on what I was asked in the interview….. hmm well let’s not spoil that part 🙂 some things are best discovering yourselves!

The Graduate Programme
And now we come to the Graduate Programme. Hmmm how do I put this?

Well let’s just say that one distinct thing that I remembered from the Grad welcome drinks was the knowing looks that the previous Grads exchanged among themselves when they realised we were just about to start the Grad Programme.

I learned A LOT in the Graduate Programme including:

  • How to articulate your ideas clearly
  • Professionalism
  • ISTQB 
  • Public Speaking

To be honest, I’m not sure I’d say it’s what I had learned that stick out to me the most now that I look back on the Grad Programme- but more the people I had met (as cliche as that sounds). Don’t get me wrong- the intense four weeks made having an exam period where I was tutoring and working (over 25 hours/ week) and studying for exams seem like a breeze. Completing 2 projects in a relatively short space of time, helped us understand the importance of time pressures and how, at the end of the day, you need to complete things (to a high standard) by the time they are due- even when circumstances may change on you.

NEXT: Getting onto and starting my first project